Volunteer Support

If HOA boardroom chairs looked like these, being a board member might be a little less taxing! A vast majority of HOAs boards are comprised of volunteers with full-time jobs and businesses... not to mention families... all vying for their time. Volunteer boardmembers need to stay focused on the big picture... the long-term goals of the community... and not the tedius day-in, day-out operations.

On some boards, a few dedicated leaders are contributing a disproportionate percentage of the productivity. At first glance, this appears quite a fortunate and economical phenomenon for any Home Owner Association... that is.. until one or more of the most enterprising volunteer board members have to step down.

By adding Community Solutions to your team, all the members of your organization can relax knowing that its volunteer board is reinforced by a solid foundation of consistent, reliable and professional HOA management experts who will smooth out the inevitable bumps in the road to an enterprising association.

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