Meeting Management

Your CSS Association manager and his or her supporting staff are the administrative arm of your organization, specifically intent on ensuring that your meetings are productive and efficient while adhering to the rules, regulations and bylaws specific to your community.

As a homeowner, you place a lot of faith in your elected board of directors. Since most board members are volunteers, your association will appreciate the training and professionalism Community Solutions Southeast can bring to the board table.

If you're a board member, you already know that volunteering to take the reigns of even the simplest HOA project is not only incredibly noble, but extremely time consuming as well. As a member of the board, you are looked to for guidance and leadership. With Community Solutions at your right hand, you'll be able to provide your community a feeling of confidence and and respect in its directors.

List of Maintenance Services

  • Board Meeting Attendance
  • Special Meeting Attendance
  • Annual Meeting Attendance
  • Annual meeting coordination (Location and time)
  • Membership Roster
  • Records and files maintenance
  • Resident information list
  • Resident Orientation (Welcome Packets)
  • Newsletter Editing, Typing and Distribution (A committee should be formed to complete this task however, CSS will develop a newsletter for the Association at a charge )
  • Special Mailing (We perform this along with the help of the Board of Directors)
  • Special Photocopying
  • Specification/bid preparation/coordination (We perform this along with the help of the Board of Directors)
  • Contract Awarding (The Board of Directors instructs us who to sign contracts with)
  • Standard operating procedures review (We assist the Board of Directors with this)
  • Legal (attorney) liaison (We act as the liaison for the Board of Directors when dealing with legal issues)
  • After-hours answering and emergency assistance service
  • Work orders-recording processing
  • Rules, regulations enforcement (We handle this at the Board of Directors direction)
  • Association/directors and officers insurance liaison (We make sure by contacting insurance agents to make sure your association policy is the way it needs to be)
  • General Correspondence
  • Manage the on-site personnel (At the direction of the Board of Directors)

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