Maintenance Services

Our experience and strong relationships with locally-contracted maintenance and landscaping firms are what allows Commmunity Solutions Southeast to offer your community a menu of services that is custom tailored for your particular environmental and budgetary needs.

Each community has it’s own unique set of circumstances and the decision to contract landscaping, engineering or waste management firms should be carefully considered. CSS specializes in providing your Board guidance on selecting professionals to maintain and service subdivision resources... like swimming pools, fitness facilities, clubhouses, tennis courts, walking trails and other amenities.

List of Maintenance Services

  • Janitorial (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Pool, spa, sauna and equipment (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Plumbing, Painting (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Minor repairs/maintenance (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Periodic building/amenity inspection report (We perform this with the help of the Board of Directors)
  • Site Inspection Report
  • Landscape-Lake/Pond (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Tennis Courts (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Street and walk sweep (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Trash collection (Performed by outside contractor)
  • Contract performance inspection (We perform this with the help of the board of directors)

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